What’s the Difference Between Escort Services and Prostitution?

There is some debate over whether escort services are subject to the same regulations as prostitution. Unfortunately, the term escort is sometimes confused with the phrase prostitute. The terms, however, are not interchangeable.

You are not charged with a crime if you provide escort services. If you provide sexual favors as part of your escort service, you’ll have a problem. You could be prosecuted with prostitution as a result.


In Kentucky, prostitution is considered a sex offense. Prostitution can be charged against someone who proposes to engage in sexual activity for a cost, agrees to participate in sexual conduct for a fee, or acts in sexual conduct for a fee. Intercourse or any other act of sexual enjoyment involving sex organs is referred to as sexual conduct.

A prostitute is a term that refers to someone who offers to engage in sexual behavior for a charge. Prostitution charges can also be brought against a customer (the person who pays for the sexual activity). Anyone who gains from the transaction may also be charged with a sex offense.

Prostitution is a misdemeanor that carries a fine and/or jail sentence. Those convicted of prostitution are also subjected to HIV testing.

Escorts, on the other hand, perform non-sexual services. Providing social company, escorting someone to an event, or caring for a family member are all examples of escort services. An escort can be prosecuted with prostitution if they engage in sexual activity or offer sexual conduct for a fee.


Prostitution charges may be met with a number of defenses in your case.


Escorts are frequently falsely accused of prostitution and arrested. Even when an escort is merely offering non-sexual companionship or accompanying a person to an event or social engagement, it is presumed that the escort is delivering sexual favors.

You may not be convicted of prostitution if you did not intend to participate in sexual conduct. Even if you called an escort for non-sexual services and the escort then provides sexual activities, you may not be convicted of prostitution if you can establish you requested the escort for non-sexual services.


To bust prostitution rings, law enforcement authorities frequently conduct “stings.” An undercover cop could impersonate a customer or a prostitute. To make an arrest, the undercover cop may persuade someone to engage in criminal acts.

A police officer, on the other hand, cannot incite someone to commit a crime. To stand up in court, sting operations must follow precise criteria. Prostitution charges may not hold up in court if you are a victim of entrapment.


For a court to find you guilty, there must be adequate evidence that you broke the law. Police personnel frequently make arrests with little or no evidence of a crime. During questioning, they may rely on obtaining a confession or other evidence.

As a result, it is critical to remain silent following an arrest. The burden of proof is on the prosecution to show that you are guilty of prostitution. Don’t give the prosecution evidence to use against you if you don’t have to.


If you have been charged with prostitution, a sex crimes attorney can assist you. Although a prostitution charge is a misdemeanor, it can result in a criminal record that can have long-term ramifications.

Stay cool if you’re arrested for prostitution. An arrest does not imply guilt.

Don’t give in to the impulse to explain what happened or to try to reason your way out of being arrested. You don’t want to provide the cops with any more proof. In court, the prosecution can use anything you say against you.

Except for revealing your name and address, you have the right to remain silent. Inform the officer that you will not answer questions unless an attorney is present.

Tell the officer you wish to speak with a criminal defense attorney or have a court-appointed attorney represent you. Asking an officer if you require legal assistance is not the same as requesting legal assistance. Before you answer any questions or make any declarations, you must expressly announce that you want an attorney.

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